Cycling Through

The past 20 years have seen seismic shifts in how we live together and in the organisation of society through the processes of globalisation and the proliferation of network technologies. We are endlessly cycling through information delivered at an ever increasing rate to an ever expanding array of devices. This ‘always on’ culture is leading to the increasing precarity of relations. The works in cycling through start to disentangle the use of technology to articulate our day to day subject positions, from the personal to the global in relation to an increasingly complex and overcoded world.

Hello World

Hello World is a project in two parts taking as its starting point the emergence of the Internet over the past 20 years as one of the primary means of the dissemination of information.

Part 1:

The first part is a physical exhibition that will take place at the Embassy featuring the work of 6 artists. The work in the show will approach the way in which the Internet has influenced cultural production, in specific relation to practices of appropriation. The increasing digitalisation and distribution of media has spurred a new generation of artists to approach the image in a similar way to that of the supposed ‘pictures generation’, taking extant images and recontextualising them, augmenting meaning or offering new ways of seeing.

Part 2:

The second part will be an experimental seminar with a new link being shared daily, through the sources listed below for the duration of the exhibition.

05.12.10 by Ryan Trecartin and David Carp

You’re Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

All Together Now by Brian Droitcour

Parasitic Media by Nathan Martin

Ars Electronica Festival 2010: Open Source Life IV, Repair Society (and yourself) (en) from Ars Electronicaon Vimeo.


Vale Ubu? by Jack Sargeant

Looking beyond the open source battle by Bobbie Johnson

The Rise of the Network Culture by Manuell Castells

Cyberspace, Or, The Unbearable Closure of Being – Slavoj Zizek


The Cathedral And The Bazaar by Eric Steven Raymond

The Web Is Dead Long Live The Internet by Chris Anderson

Cache Rules Everything Around Me from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Teen Image by Seth Price

The meaning of open is obfuscated an interview between Geert Lovink and Andreas Hirsch